Large Wood Triple Hoop Indoor Plant Trellis

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Hoop trellises (aka endless or circle trellises) are a very popular houseplant trellis style. They are often used by hoya collectors. However, they work well for many vining plants like hoyas, pothos, ivy, philodendron, and more! These triple hoop trellises are made of finished mahogany wood and are our best-selling hoop design.

shipping 1/17/22

They are best for plants with 3+ vines. We also offer single  that work well for smaller plants (see shop for listings). 

- Medium: 7.5" outer hoop, 5.5" middle hoop, 3.5" inner hoop (9.5" tall, 7.5" wide; stakes 2.25" tall, 1.75" wide)

- Large: 9" outer hoop; 7" middle hoop, 5" inner hoop (11.5" tall, 9" wide; stakes are 2.5" tall, 2" wide)