Medium Wood Triple Hoop Indoor Plant Trellis

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Hoop trellises (aka endless or circle trellises) are a very popular houseplant trellis style. They are often used by hoya collectors. However, they work well for many vining plants like hoyas, pothos, ivy, philodendron, and more!

shipping 1/17/22

These triple hoop trellises are made of finished mahogany wood and are our best-selling hoop design. They are best for plants with 3+ vines. We also offer single hoops that work well for smaller plants (see shop for listings). 

Stakes are plastic to prevent mold/mildew.

- Medium: 7.5" outer hoop, 5.5" middle hoop, 3.5" inner hoop (9.5" tall, 7.5" wide; stakes 2.25" tall, 1.75" wide)

- Large: 9" outer hoop; 7" middle hoop, 5" inner hoop (11.5" tall, 9" wide; stakes are 2.5" tall, 2" wide)